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Private Training

DDC Private Training Courses
$50 - $150 per hour
(depending on student requirements)

In addition to NRA courses and original seminars, DDC offers private training to individuals, families, and small groups.  A DDC instructor will work with the client to formulate the perfect training session or sessions tailored to their specific needs.  Training can include firearms training, self defense training, or any combination thereof.

The advantage of private training with Dynamic Defense Concepts LLC is that the client can learn a curriculum tailored to them, at a pace they are comfortable with.  

DDC offers the following to their private training clients:

    Self Defense 
Basic to advanced street fighting combatives and fighting techniques
Handgun, and Long-gun (rifle, shotgun) disarms  
Blunt object defenses and disarms
Edged weapon defenses and disarms
Ground fighting techniques
Multiple attackers
Rape prevention
Corporate team building

    Firearms Training  
Fundamentals of handgun, rifle, and shotgun safety, handling, and marksmanship
Basic to advanced Defensive Handgun
Basic to advanced Defensive Rifle
NRA standardized courses
Concealed Carry tactics
Detailed instruction on firearm anatomy, function, care/maintenance, and repair
Introducing a young person to firearms
Corporate team building




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